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And echoing, and breathing, and leaning: Psalm 131.


With droplets and a searching mind: Psalm 130.

Creeks & Fire

Icy-like reminiscence, dwindling and combined: Psalm 23.

Seats & Feets

Proclamation withheld, smoldering: Psalm 1.


Inshiftingly and with swelling, Psalm 46.


By the fire & slightly cold, Psalm 62

Jude Doxology

In a resilient fog, the Jude Doxology.

Hemmed In

With resolve, selections from Psalm 139.

All Eyes

Amidst a dissonant demeanor, Psalm 143: 7-8

re-verse preview trailer

What is re-verse? It is coming soon...a journey into scripture with accompaniment, and without mind-numbingly repetitious scripture recitations.

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